Education & recreational activities

- For children who do not have access to the mainstream education system, FFSC provides elementary level education with the goal of integrating them into public schools.

- For children who can attend public schools and university but who are unable to afford the cost, FFSC provides financial support to education and basic living expenses.

- Recreational and group activities are offered to promote children’s creativity and necessary skills.


Health Care and psycho-social protection

Health and dental checks are carried out by volunteers and basic treatment is provided. Training sessions on health issues, life values, and life skills are conducted for children, families, our teachers and volunteers.


Warm Shelter for children in need

FFSC provides accommodation, food and learning facilities for homeless, displaced or distressed children while working to reintegrate them into their families and/or society.


Social Enterprise

FFSC runs a guesthouse and a handicraft workshop to provide an income for disadvantaged women. All proceeds fund FFSC activities.